Calendar for: Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman
15th Floor, Courtroom D
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Last Updated: Oct 22 2014 3:20PM
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Wednesday, Oct 22 2014
3:06-cr-00647-CRB - USA v. Domingo Tamayo
Initial Appearance
3:08-cr-00093-SI - USA v. Tino Napoleon
I.D. of Counsel Hearing
4:12-cr-00645-SBA - USA v. Rosa Banuelos
Status Conference (No Reptr)
3:14-cr-00497-EMC - USA v. Michael Trythall
I.D. of Counsel Hearing
Initial Appearance
3:14-mj-71333 MAG - USA v. SEALED
Initial Appearance
Thursday, Oct 23 2014
3:14-cr-00504-MAG - USA v. Osmin Lopez-Otero
Initial Appearance
3:14-cr-00525-RS - USA v. Jose Ochoa
Preliminary Examination
Friday, Oct 24 2014
4:14-mj-71320-MAG - USA v. Blake Johnston
Detention Hearing
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