Emailing Manually Filed Documents to the Court

You may (and are required to) email the court PDF copies of all documents that were previously filed in paper format only in a case designated for e-filing. Please keep in mind that an email is not a substitute for e-filing.

For the proposed order (PO) or PDF email address for the assigned judge in your case, visit the Judges page. Use only these email addresses and not those of judges or court staff.


  1. All Initiating (case opening) Documents:  Complaints, Notices of Removal, etc., are sent in PDF to the appropriate PDF box for the judge on the case and must be in within 10 days (Civil Local Rule 5.1).
  2. Follow-ups to paper filings:  If you file something manually with the Court, you are required to email, within 10 days, a PDF copy to the PDF email address for the assigned judge. Please do not e-file a document previously filed manually, which would create duplicate docket entries. If the document is not a Proposed Order and you have not filed it  in paper already, you should e-file, rather than email the PDF version.
  3. Proposed Orders:  Email in word-processing format, in addition to being e-filed.A PDF copy of your proposed order should be e-filed with the filing it relates to (e.g., a stipulation or motion). You must also email a copy in word-processing format (Word or WordPerfect) to your Judge's PO (Proposed Order) box so the Judge can modify it prior to signing, if needed.
  4. For MACINTOSH Users:  Make sure your files have extensions at the end of the file name (.pdf, .doc, .wpd, .txt, etc.). The file name "COMPLAINT" will not work for our system but "COMPLAINT.PDF" will.

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  1. Aside from Proposed Orders, anything that is not a PDF file should not be submitted (.doc, .wpd., .txt, etc.).
  2. Anything that should be e-filed instead of emailed. Any documents that have not been submitted already in paper to the court, must be e-filed.
  3. The Summons (but the Summons Returned should be sent).
  4. In Bankruptcy Appeal and Social Security appeal cases, the record from the prior court or agency should not be submitted electronically, but should be submitted on paper only.
  5. All emails must be below 30.0MB in size to pass our gateway. If you email PDF documents to us (as is always the case with complaints or notices of removal and their attendant documents) you may find that you are unable to attach all the exhibits to a single mail message. You can resend as multiple emails with just a few PDFs in each.
    Also note that each individual PDF file (not the combined total) must be under 5.0MB.
  6. Any PDF file which has any internal security enabled.
  7. Multiple (different) cases in one email. You may send multiple attachments in one email, but please only reference one case per email.


  • The SUBJECT LINE must include the CASE NUMBER (YY-#####) and the JUDGE'S INITIAL'S
    Example:  03-99999 PVT.
  • All case filings submitted must be in PDF format.All proposed orders must be in word-processing format.
  • Each file can be titled whatever you want (there is no required format) but it should be clearly stated what each file is and it should not be necessary to open and view the PDF file to determine what it is.
  • A very brief description of what you are sending and why you are emailing it (as opposed to e-filing it) is very helpful.


Refer to the ECF Helpdesk page for any ECF support issues or if you did not receive an automated verification email noting that your email was received by the court's email system.

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