United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Claudia Wilken, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
11/06/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 8-Labor) Fariba Z. Madison v. U.S. Bancorp et al 14-4934 MEJ In on 11/06/2014
11/06/2014 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) et al v. Margaret A. Hamburg 14-4933 JCS In on 11/06/2014
11/06/2014 Civil (SJ- 3-Personal Injury) Maria Alexandra Navarro v. US Airways Group, Inc. et al 14-4943 NC In on 11/06/2014
11/04/2014 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) AirWair International Ltd.-v-Pacifitex, Inc 14-4904 HRL In on 11/04/2014
11/04/2014 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) The Burt's Bees Products Company v. Bobbie Bee LLC 14-4903 LB In on 11/04/2014
10/29/2014 Civil (SJ- 5-Civil Rights) Boles v. Donahoe 14-4804 HRL In on 10/29/2014
10/28/2014 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) California Domain Construction, LLC v. Piragash Velummylum et al 14-4783 HRL In on 10/28/2014
10/28/2014 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Altera Corporation v. Papst Licensing GMBH & Co.KG 14-4794 JSC In on 10/28/2014
10/28/2014 Civil (SJ-12-Social Security) Stacey Cobarruvias v. Commissioner of Social Security 14-4793 NC In on 10/28/2014
10/27/2014 Civil (SJ-99-Other) Pecora v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc. 14-4751 PSG In on 10/27/2014
10/24/2014 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Zenaida Bose v. Virgil Valin et al 14-4744 NC In on 10/24/2014
10/24/2014 Civil (SJ-99-Other) Fariba Rahimian Marnani v. Mezzetti Financial Services, Inc., et al 14-4743 PSG In on 10/24/2014
10/23/2014 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Teespring v. Viralstyle LLC 14-4724 JCS In on 10/23/2014
10/23/2014 Civil (SJ-99-Other) Julio Cesar Martell v. Jamie Baker et al 14-4723 HRL In on 10/23/2014
11/21/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) garner v. San Francisco City and County et al 14-5172 EDL In Oakland on 11/21/2014
11/21/2014 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Civil Rights-540,550,555&560) Brown-Seals v. Allman 14-5152 PSG In Oakland on 11/21/2014
11/20/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Sisneros v. Oakland Unified School District 14-5144 JST In Oakland on 11/20/2014
11/20/2014 Civil (SF/OK-100(470,850,891,893,895)) Sierra Club et al v. United States National Marine Fisheries Service et al 14-5141 EDL In Oakland on 11/20/2014
11/20/2014 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) J & J Sports Productions, Inc. v. Lopez 14-5131 JCS In Oakland on 11/20/2014
11/20/2014 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Tolentino et al v. Miguel et al 14-5151 PSG In Oakland on 11/20/2014