United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Claudia Wilken, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
6/30/2014 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Donna L. Weiss v. Annie's, Inc. et al 14-3001 BLF In Oakland on 6/30/2014
7/09/2014 Civil (CANO-2255) Uribe-Bautista v. USA 14-3134 RS In San Francisco on 7/09/2014
6/25/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) United Parcel Service, Inc. v. Deepti Bedi 14-2951 DMR In Oakland on 6/25/2014
6/25/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) VFS Leasing Co. v. USASIA Casino Tours/Entertainment, Inc. et al 14-2941 JCS In Oakland on 6/25/2014
6/26/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Camberis v. Ocwen Financial Corporation 14-2970 MEJ In San Francisco on 6/26/2014
6/26/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Cubic Telecom Limited v. Wang 14-2956 EDL In San Francisco on 6/26/2014
6/27/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Johnson et al v. PNC Mortgage et al 14-2976 LB In San Francisco on 6/27/2014
6/27/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) MTR Western, LLC v. Tower Tours, LLC et al 14-2987 EDL In San Francisco on 6/27/2014
6/27/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Vertamedia LLC v. Bitesize Networks, Inc. 14-2980 KAW In San Francisco on 6/27/2014
6/30/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Kinestral Technologies, Inc. v. Filaser, Inc. 14-3005 DMR In San Francisco on 6/30/2014
7/02/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Brown v. State Farm Mutual Automibile Insurance Company 14-3034 JCS In San Jose on 7/02/2014
7/02/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Charlson v. DHR International, Inc. et al 14-3041 JCS In on 7/02/2014
7/03/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Nokia Corporation v. Ried 14-3046 LB In San Francisco on 7/03/2014
7/07/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Jpm Energy, Inc v. 1Soltech, Inc 14-3074 EDL In San Jose on 7/07/2014
7/07/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Music Group Macao Commercial Offshore Limited v. Foote 14-3078 JSC In San Francisco on 7/07/2014
7/08/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Morales v. Nationstar Mortgage LLC 14-3081 LB In on 7/08/2014
7/08/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Patel et al v. Patel et al 14-3094 LB In San Jose on 7/08/2014
7/09/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Pine Grove LLC v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada 14-3107 NC In San Francisco on 7/09/2014
7/09/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Russell City Energy Company, LLC v. City of Hayward 14-3102 KAW In Oakland on 7/09/2014
7/10/2014 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) AIX Specialty Insurance Company v. Woehrle et al 14-3133 DMR In San Jose on 7/10/2014