Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
1/26/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Clemmons v. Berryhill 5:18-cv-00578 LHK In San Jose on 1/26/2018
1/26/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Vanlengen v. Commissioner of Social Security :18-cv-00566 HSG In San Jose on 1/26/2018
1/29/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) McRae v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00603 SK In San Jose on 1/29/2018
1/31/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Stillman v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00690 JST In San Francisco on 1/31/2018
2/01/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Cabrera v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00721 EMC In Oakland on 2/01/2018
2/01/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Delacruz v. Berryhill 5:18-cv-00715 HRL In San Jose on 2/01/2018
2/02/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Landry v. Berryhill 5:18-cv-00741 HRL In Oakland on 2/02/2018
2/02/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) McLaren v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00739 JCS In San Francisco on 2/02/2018
2/05/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Martin v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00752 JSW In Oakland on 2/05/2018
2/07/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Miller v. Nancy A. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00832 WHO In Oakland on 2/07/2018
2/08/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Armijo v. Berryhill 5:18-cv-00841 NC In Oakland on 2/08/2018
2/09/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Seh-v-Nancy Berryhill 4:18-cv-00885 DMR In San Francisco on 2/09/2018
2/10/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Smith v. Berryhill 5:18-cv-00887 HRL In San Francisco on 2/10/2018
2/13/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Johnson v. Berryhill 4:18-cv-00921 KAW In San Jose on 2/13/2018
2/13/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) McCrady v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-00931 LB In Oakland on 2/13/2018
2/15/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Herrick v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-01001 MEJ In Oakland on 2/15/2018
2/16/2018 Civil (CANO-12-Social Security) Khem v. Berryhill 3:18-cv-01024 WHA In San Jose on 2/16/2018
2/06/2018 Civil (CANO-13-Tax) Libitzky et al v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA :18-cv-00792 JD In Oakland on 2/06/2018
2/15/2018 Civil (CANO-13-Tax) United States of America v. Hoffman's Food Management, LLC et al 3:18-cv-00979 JST In San Francisco on 2/15/2018
1/23/2018 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) FullView, Inc. v. Polycom, Inc. 3:18-cv-00510 SK In San Francisco on 1/23/2018