Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
9/26/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Lewis v. U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, Successor in Interest to Wachovia Bank, National Association as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2005-A7 3:16-cv-05490 EDL In San Francisco on 9/26/2016
9/27/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Wieland et al v. Bay View Loan Servicing, LLC 3:16-cv-05498 JSC In San Francisco on 9/27/2016
9/28/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Villasenor v. Wells Fargo Bank et al 3:16-cv-05511 EDL In Oakland on 9/28/2016
9/29/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Citibank, NA v. Robertson 3:16-cv-05553 JCS In San Jose on 9/29/2016
9/30/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) David Coury v. Caliber Home Loans, Inc. 3:16-cv-05583 JSC In on 9/30/2016
9/30/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Martins Beach 1, LLC et al v. Turnbull-Sanders et al 3:16-cv-05590 JCS In San Francisco on 9/30/2016
10/05/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) 3216 BALBOA, LLC v. Nationstar Mortgage, LLC 3:16-cv-05651 MEJ In Oakland on 10/05/2016
10/05/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Lion Share Investments, LLC v. Garcia 3:16-cv-05731 MEJ In San Francisco on 10/05/2016
10/06/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Castle Creek Company, Inc. v. Stewart 3:16-cv-05747 JCS In Oakland on 10/06/2016
10/06/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Fairfield Belmont, LP v. Braggs 3:16-cv-05746 LB In Oakland on 10/06/2016
10/11/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Mace et al v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al 3:16-cv-05840 JCS In San Francisco on 10/11/2016
10/12/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) George M Avila v. Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. et al 3:16-cv-05904 WHA In on 10/12/2016
10/18/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Walker v. Monsanto Company :16-cv-06028 VC In San Francisco on 10/18/2016
10/21/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Mendaros v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association et al 4:16-cv-06092 DMR In Oakland on 10/21/2016
9/23/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Aughenbaugh v. Pfizer, Inc. 3:16-cv-05452 RS In Oakland on 9/23/2016
9/23/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Fisher v. Pfizer, Inc. 3:16-cv-05441 RS In on 9/23/2016
9/23/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Gifford v. Pfizer,Inc. 3:16-cv-05442 RS In on 9/23/2016
9/23/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Hauck et al v. Cordis Corporation et al 3:16-cv-05455 JSC In San Francisco on 9/23/2016
9/23/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Oshima v. Bennet, et al 3:16-cv-05451 JCS In Oakland on 9/23/2016
9/26/2016 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Beck v. Pfizer, Inc. 3:16-cv-05467 RS In San Francisco on 9/26/2016