Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
7/12/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Miramon v. Osborne 5:16-cv-03917 NC In San Francisco on 7/12/2016
7/11/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Morningside Group Limited v. Azeb Clark 4:16-cv-03871 KAW In Oakland on 7/11/2016
7/07/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) MYSFYT, Inc. v. Secret by Nature 5:16-cv-03806 HRL In San Francisco on 7/07/2016
6/30/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Tseng v. A&E Television Networks, LLC et al 4:16-cv-03682 DMR In Oakland on 6/30/2016
6/29/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Adobe Systems Incorporated v., LLC et al 5:16-cv-03654 NC In on 6/29/2016
6/23/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Harmless Harvest, Inc. v. All Market Inc. 3:16-cv-03515 JSC In San Francisco on 6/23/2016
7/08/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Shahani v. Moctezuma 3:16-cv-03862 JSC In Oakland on 7/08/2016
7/07/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Mysfyt, Inc. v. James Lum 4:16-cv-03813 KAW In on 7/07/2016
7/01/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) International Culinary ChefsBest, LLC v. The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. 4:16-cv-03743 DMR In on 7/01/2016
6/27/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Gianni Versace, S.p.A. et al v. Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL et al 3:16-cv-03617 JCS In San Francisco on 6/27/2016
7/20/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Infineon Technologies AG et al v. Redcom Laboratories, Inc. 3:16-cv-04075 JCS In San Francisco on 7/20/2016
7/19/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Rondinelli Reilly v. San Francisco Urban Adventure Club et al 3:16-cv-04057 MEJ In San Francisco on 7/19/2016
7/19/2016 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) El-Sedfy v. WhatsApp Inc. et al 3:16-cv-04056 JCS In San Francisco on 7/19/2016
7/19/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Pro-Troll, Inc. v. Shortbus Flashers, LLC :16-cv-04062 VC In Oakland on 7/19/2016
6/27/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) GoPro, Inc. v. C&A Marketing, Inc. et al 5:16-cv-03590 NC In San Francisco on 6/27/2016
6/24/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Straight Path IP Group, Inc. v. Apple, Inc. 3:16-cv-03582 JCS In Oakland on 6/24/2016
7/01/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Fox Factory, Inc. v. SRAM, LLC 5:16-cv-03716 NC In San Francisco on 7/01/2016
7/01/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Avago Technologies U.S. Inc. et al v. NanoPrecision Products, Inc. 3:16-cv-03737 JCS In San Francisco on 7/01/2016
7/01/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Finjan, Inc. v. ESET, LLC et al 3:16-cv-03731 JSC In Oakland on 7/01/2016
7/06/2016 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) D Now, Inc. v. TPF Toys Limited et al 5:16-cv-03792 NC In Oakland on 7/06/2016