United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Susan Y. Soong, Clerk of Court

Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
11/24/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Atain Specialty Insurance Company v. U.S. Catering Truck Manufacturing, LCC et al 3:15-cv-05379 JSC In San Francisco on 11/24/2015
11/02/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Automated Media Processing Solutions, Inc., dba Equilibrium 3:15-cv-05018 JSC In San Francisco on 11/02/2015
11/25/2015 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Avago Technologies General IP (Singapore) PTE. LTD. v. Acer Inc. et al 5:15-cv-05427 PSG In San Francisco on 11/25/2015
11/24/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Avisar v. Sue Mills, Inc. 3:15-cv-05370 JCS In San Francisco on 11/24/2015
11/16/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Baghernezhad v. Holder et al 4:15-cv-05222 KAW In Oakland on 11/16/2015
11/18/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Barton v. Capital One, National Association 4:15-cv-05275 DMR In San Francisco on 11/18/2015
11/24/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Civil Rights-540,550,555&560) Beal v. Ryan 3:15-cv-05378 SI In San Francisco on 11/24/2015
11/16/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Berger v. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of San Francisco, LLC 3:15-cv-05242 JCS In Oakland on 11/16/2015
11/16/2015 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Blake Anderson v. The Prudential Insurance Company of America 5:15-cv-05243 HRL In on 11/16/2015
11/23/2015 Civil (SJ- 1-Contract) Blue Pacific Resources v. Pall Corporation et al 5:15-cv-05352 HRL In Oakland on 11/23/2015
11/16/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Civil Rights-540,550,555&560) Bolton v. Karen 3:15-cv-05238 LB In San Francisco on 11/16/2015
11/02/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Bonnema v. YapStone, Inc. 4:15-cv-05023 DMR In San Jose on 11/02/2015
11/19/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Bowden v. Spearman 3:15-cv-05305 EDL In San Francisco on 11/19/2015
11/02/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 4-Personal Property) Bozman-Moss et al v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. 3:15-cv-05021 JSC In Oakland on 11/02/2015
11/23/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Braun v. Holland et al 5:15-cv-05356 BLF In San Francisco on 11/23/2015
11/20/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Brentwood Union School District v. Student H.H. 3:15-cv-05335 LB In San Francisco on 11/20/2015
11/11/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Bridges v. Credence Resource Management, LLC 3:15-cv-05176 EDL In San Francisco on 11/11/2015
11/11/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Bridges v. GLA Collection Company, Inc. 3:15-cv-05175 MEJ In San Francisco on 11/11/2015
11/20/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Briggs v. State of California 1:15-cv-05332 NJV In San Francisco on 11/20/2015
11/12/2015 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Broadcast Music, Inc. et al v. Playland ABC, LLC 3:15-cv-05192 EDL In Oakland on 11/12/2015