United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
3/03/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Calix, Inc. v. Alfa Consult, S.A. 3:15-cv-00981 JCS In on 3/03/2015
3/16/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) Calvarese v. United Airlines, Inc. 3:15-cv-01236 EDL In San Francisco on 3/16/2015
2/27/2015 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) CamelBak Products, LLC v. Osprey Packs, Inc. 5:15-cv-00906 PSG In San Francisco on 2/27/2015
3/05/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Cameron Wilson v. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency et al 3:15-cv-01031 JCS In Oakland on 3/05/2015
2/25/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Campos v. Holland 3:15-cv-00856 EDL In San Francisco on 2/25/2015
3/09/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 8-Labor) Canavero v. Life Insurance Company of North America et al 3:15-cv-01082 LB In Oakland on 3/09/2015
3/11/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Capili v. The Finish Line, Inc., et al 3:15-cv-01158 EDL In San Francisco on 3/11/2015
3/09/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Capristo v. Postmaster General 3:15-cv-01071 MEJ In San Francisco on 3/09/2015
2/27/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Carey v. Cargill, Inc. 3:15-cv-00922 WHO In Oakland on 2/27/2015
3/03/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Carrillo v. Smith 4:15-cv-00997 KAW In San Francisco on 3/03/2015
2/27/2015 Civil (SJ- 2-Real Property) Castellanos v. Countrywide Bank NA et al 5:15-cv-00896 BLF In San Francisco on 2/27/2015
3/26/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Castillo-Antonio v. Dzoan 3:15-cv-01389 EDL In San Francisco on 3/26/2015
3/20/2015 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Castro v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company et al 5:15-cv-01309 NC In San Francisco on 3/20/2015
2/25/2015 Civil (SJ- 1-Contract) Catherine Black v. The Church Pension Group Services Corporation 5:15-cv-00853 PSG In San Jose on 2/25/2015
3/18/2015 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Ceja De Oseguera v. Flagship Facility Services Inc 5:15-cv-01275 HRL In San Francisco on 3/18/2015
3/20/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Chevalier v. Fort Knox Storage Pro 3:15-cv-01326 JSW In San Francisco on 3/20/2015
3/13/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 8-Labor) Christopher Booher v. JetBlue Airways Corporation 3:15-cv-01203 LB In on 3/13/2015
3/02/2015 Civil (SJ-99-Other) Christopher Hall et al v. Lenovo (United States) Inc. et al 5:15-cv-00964 NC In on 3/02/2015
3/03/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) Chunn v. Harris 3:15-cv-00990 MEJ In San Francisco on 3/03/2015
3/06/2015 Civil (SJ-13-Tax) Clear Recon Corp v. United States Of America 5:15-cv-01067 LHK In San Francisco on 3/06/2015