Which “Event” Do I Choose?

What is an event?

You have prepared to submit a document to the court in the form of a Notice, Motion, Stipulation, etc.

To e-file that document, you will have to select an “event” from the available menus in ECF. You may not necessarily find an event that exactly matches the caption on your filing and there are some similar-sounding events in ECF, so it is important to plan ahead so that you select the correct event when you are e-filing your document(s).

We recommend that you review the Index of ECF Events on this website when preparing your filing. This will enable you to consider all the possibilities and make the right choice when you are not under time pressure.

How to find your event in ECF

In ECF, you may either use the search feature or navigate the civil or criminal menus:

Search Feature.

Clicking on the Search Feature will open a text box. Searching for
events works best when you search for the least uncommon word in your
event name (i.e. telephone instead of motion).

ECF TIP: Once you receive your results, begin your e-filing process by clicking on the hyperlink.

Navigate the Civil or Criminal Menus.

Each menu includes respective e-filing categories. These categories contain events listed alphabetically that matches or is similar to the document title you would like to submit to the court. Once you have located your event, begin your e-filing process.