Courtesy Copies

Courtesy/Chambers Copies

Pursuant to Civil Local Rule 5-1(e)(7), e-filers must deliver to the Court a paper copy of each electronically filed document. Each such copy should be clearly marked "Chambers Copy" on the first page. The timing requirements of the rule are summarized in the chart below. 

Additionally, many judges have specific instructions regarding the format and presentation of courtesy copies. Please review the assigned judge's standing orders for details.

Send by first class mail
on day of filing:
Deliver to Clerk's Office
by noon of next court day:
No courtesy copies:
  • Motions filed under Civil L.R. 7-3 and Criminal L.R. 47-2
  • All other electronically filed documents not specifically mentioned on this chart.
  • Motions filed under Civil L.R. 6-3 or 7-11
  • Motion for temporary restraining order or other emergency ex parte relief
  • Documents relating to hearings set less than 7 days from filing date. 
  • Magistrate Judge consent/declination forms