In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)



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11/09/2022Status Conferencevia Zoom 

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Docket NumberFiling Date
Plaintiff Fact Sheet and Accompanying Authorizations (.pdf, 3 MB)
Transfer order from Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (.pdf, 117 KB) 110/04/2016
Pretrial order no. 1: Consolidation order (.pdf, 125 KB) 210/06/2016
Order re bifurcation (.pdf, 104 KB) 2511/14/2016
Pretrial order no. 2: Custodian and deponent groups (.pdf, 101 KB) 3911/22/2016
Pretrial order no. 3: Partial schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 55 KB) 4711/23/2016
Pretrial order no. 4: Plaintiffs’ leadership structure (.pdf, 167 KB) 6212/07/2016
Pretrial order no. 5: Setting further schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 54 KB) 7812/23/2016
Pretrial order no. 6: Production of documents used in deposition preparation (.pdf, 30 KB) 10101/09/2017
Pretrial order no. 7: Deposition protocol (.pdf, 88 KB) 10301/10/2017
Pretrial order no. 8: Requesting briefing re relevance of EPA and IARC (.pdf, 30 KB) 12001/25/0207
Pretrial order no. 9: Setting hearing for Science Day and motion to compel Rowland deposition (.pdf, 32 KB) 12602/02/2017
Pretrial order no. 10: Denying request to continue depositions (.pdf, 29 KB) 15702/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 11: Extending deposition deadline (.pdf, 29 KB) 15902/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 12: Common benefit fund order (.pdf, 341 KB) 16102/22/2017
Pretrial order no. 13: Hearing on motion to compel (.pdf, 26 KB) 16202/22/2017
Pretrial order no. 14: Plaintiffs’ request for additional discovery (.pdf, 26 KB) 16502/24/2017
Pretrial order no. 15: Third-party discovery and pending motions to seal (.pdf, 119 KB) 18603/13/2017
Pretrial order no. 16: Additional discovery re IARC (.pdf, 28 KB) 24204/18/2017
Pretrial order no. 17: Redaction of identifying information (.pdf, 98 KB) 24304/18/2017
Pretrial order no. 18: Deadline for additional deposition (.pdf, 26 KB) 25104/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 19: Rowland deposition topics (.pdf, 29 KB) 26004/24/2017
Pretrial order no. 20: Denying motion to de-designate Heydens deposition (.pdf, 103 KB) 26605/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 21: Service of motion to compel testimony (.pdf, 29 KB) 26705/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 22: Jameson and Ross depositions (.pdf, 30 KB) 26805/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 23: Motions to compel production and additional testimony (.pdf, 32 KB) 29705/15/2017
Pretrial order no. 24: Modified schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 48 KB) 32205/26/2017
Pretrial order no. 25: Denying motion for leave to file under seal (.pdf, 29 KB) 33006/06/2017
Pretrial order no. 26: Pre-transfer motions (.pdf, 30 KB) 37907/06/2017
Pretrial order no. 27: Requesting response to emergency motion (.pdf, 29 KB) 41708/02/2017
Pretrial order no. 28: Order to show cause; Order re de-designation (.pdf, 34 KB) 44208/09/2017
Pretrial order no. 29: Order Withdrawing Order to Show Cause (.pdf, 29 KB) 50509/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 30: Amended Protective Order (.pdf, 80 KB) 51909/06/2017
Pretrial order no. 31: Notice to State Court Judges (.pdf, 31 KB) 52409/20/2017
Pretrial order no. 32: Denying motion for attorneys’ fees; Granting in part motion to file under seal (.pdf, 104 KB) 54410/06/2017
Pretrial order no. 33: RE Study Published November 9, 2017 (.pdf, 31 KB) 68011/10/2017
Pretrial order no. 34: Modifying Schedule (.pdf, 29 KB) 76111/17/2017
Pretrial order no. 35: Notice to State Court Judges Re Schedule (.pdf, 30 KB) 96412/14/2017
Pretrial order no. 36: Motions Pending Before Transfer (.pdf, 30 KB) 102101/08/2018
Pretrial order no. 37: Setting Schedule for Exchange of Exhibit Lists and Telephonic CMC (.pdf, 30 KB) 110702/12/2018
Pretrial order no. 38: Setting Schedule for Daubert Hearing (.pdf, 111 KB) 111202/13/2018
Pretrial order no. 39: Re Letter Brief Concerning Exhibit Lists (.pdf, 42 KB) 115402/27/2018
Pretrial order no. 40: Re Presentation of Video Deposition Testimony (.pdf, 29 KB) 116402/28/2018
Pretrial order no. 41: Re Confidentiality of 1983 Mouse Study (.pdf, 97 KB) 116903/03/2018
Clerk’s Notice Resetting Time for Oral Argument (.pdf, 84 KB) 119003/13/2018
Pretrial order no. 42: Re Oral Argument on March 14, 2018 (.pdf, 94 KB) 121503/13/2018
Pretrial order no. 43: Additional Testimony of Drs. Ritz and Portier (.pdf, 30 KB) 128703/19/2018
Pretrial order no. 44: Requesting Further Briefing (.pdf, 29 KB) 153706/19/2018
Pretrial order no. 45: Summary Judgment and Daubert Motions (.pdf, 433 KB) 159607/10/2018
Pretrial order no. 46: Setting Case Management Conference (.pdf, 29 KB) 165908/14/2018
Pretrial order no. 47: Re Upcoming Case Management Conference (.pdf, 40 KB) 168208/28/2018
Pretrial Order no. 48: Re Sept. 13, 2018 Case Management Conference (.pdf, 108 KB) 174109/12/2018
Pretrial Order no. 49: Re Plaintiff Fact Sheets and Upcoming Deadlines (.pdf, 239 KB) 177609/17/2018
Pretrial Order no. 50 Attachment: Final Plaintiff Fact Sheet (.pdf, 367 KB) 188309/26/2018
Pretrial Order no. 50: Plaintiff Fact Sheet Completion and Deficiencies (.pdf, 147 KB) 188309/26/2018
Pretrial Order no. 51: Deadlines for Group 1 Plaintiffs (.pdf, 162 KB) 188409/26/2018
Pretrial Order no. 52: Venue Questions for Group 2 Plaintiffs (.pdf, 304 KB) 192010/01/2018
Pretrial Order no. 53: Revised Trial Schedule – Group 1 Plaintiffs (.pdf, 179 KB) 192610/03/2018
Pretrial order no. 54: Upcoming Deadlines Following October 29, 2018, Case Management Conference (.pdf, 109 KB) 212411/01/2018
Pretrial order no. 55: Re Plaintiff Fact Sheets for Plaintiffs with Loss of Consortium Claims (.pdf, 96 KB) 212511/02/2018
Pretrial order no. 56: Bellwether Trial Selection (.pdf, 159 KB) 219411/20/2018
Pretrial order no. 57: Expert Deposition Discovery Dispute (.pdf, 96 KB) 221811/30/2018
Pretrial order no. 58: Briefing on Bifurcation (.pdf, 30 KB) 226812/05/2018
Pretrial order no. 59: Filing Expert Reports (.pdf, 95 KB) 236612/20/2018
Pretrial order no. 60: Stevick Interrogatory Dispute (.pdf, 101 KB) 237512/21/2018
Pretrial order no. 61: Order Bifurcating Trial (.pdf, 182 KB) 240601/03/2019
Pretrial order no. 62: Draft Juror Questionnaire (.pdf, 241 KB) 242201/04/2019
Pretrial order no. 63: Upcoming Deadlines for Bellwether Trial (.pdf, 93 KB) 244401/08/2019
Pretrial order no. 64: January 3, 2019, Discovery Letter (.pdf, 84 KB) 245001/09/2019
Pretrial order no. 65: List of Involved Individuals (.pdf, 176 KB) 251901/17/2019
Pretrial Order no. 66: Re Evidentiary Submissions (.pdf, 31 KB) 254601/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 67: Ruling on Initial Evidentiary Submissions (.pdf, 95 KB) 258601/30/2019
Pretrial order no. 68: Numbering for Defense Exhibits (.pdf, 96 KB) 263202/01/2019
Pretrial order no. 69: Order Granting Motion to Remand (.pdf, 32 KB) 263902/01/2019
Pretrial order no. 70: Final Juror Questionnaire (.pdf, 224 KB) 264502/05/2019
Pretrial order no. 71: Re Motion to Amend PTO 50 (.pdf, 72 KB) 265102/06/2019
Pretrial order no. 72: Procedure for Certain Motions to Remand (.pdf, 31 KB) 266302/07/2019
Pretrial order no. 73: Re Caselaw on Statute of Limitations (.pdf, 53 KB) 267102/07/2019
Pretrial order no. 74: Tentative View on Monsanto’s Specific Causation Experts (.pdf, 104 KB) 268202/11/2019
Pretrial order no. 75: Discussion of Expert Witnesses at Feb. 13, 2019, Hearing (.pdf, 69 KB) 269102/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 76: Re Missing Submissions (.pdf, 71 KB) 269902/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 77: Court’s Proposed Phase 1 Jury Instructions (.pdf, 154 KB) 270602/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 78: Guidance for the Parties re Motions in Limine (.pdf, 113 KB) 270702/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 79: Confidentiality of Juror Questionnaires (.pdf, 62 KB) 275802/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 80: Tentative Juror Excusals (.pdf, 70 KB) 276902/15/2019
Pretrial order no. 81: Ruling on Motions in Limine (.pdf, 119 KB) 277502/18/2019
Pretrial order no. 82: Parties’ Proposed Voir Dire Questions (.pdf, 104 KB) 277602/18/2019
Pretrial order no. 83: Time Limits for Trial (.pdf, 68 KB) 279002/21/2019
Pretrial order no. 84: Ruling on Deposition Objections for Drs. Turk, Turley, and Ye (.pdf, 81 KB) 279702/23/2019
Pretrial order no. 85: Denying Monsanto’s Motion for Summary Judgment on Specific Causation (.pdf, 195 KB) 279902/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 86: Remaining Summary Judgment Arguments (.pdf, 73 KB) 280002/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 87: Order to Show Cause Re Sanctions (.pdf, 78 KB) 280202/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 88: Deposition Designations for Dr. Matthew Ross (.pdf, 85 KB) 281002/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 89: Initial Ruling on Deposition Designations for Dr. William Reeves (.pdf, 50 KB) 281202/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 90: Ruling on Deposition Objections for Dr. Goldstein (.pdf, 72 KB) 281702/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 91: Order Sanctioning Mr. Hardeman’s Counsel (.pdf, 117 KB) 282802/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 92: Evidentiary Rulings on Dr. Portier’s Direct Testimony (.pdf, 112 KB) 282902/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 93: Further Order re Reeves Deposition Designations (.pdf, 90 KB) 283002/27/2019
Pretrial Order no. 94: Order Regarding Opening Statement Slides (.pdf, 47 KB) 283102/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 95: Ruling on Deposition Objections for Dr. Blair (.pdf, 72 KB) 283702/27/2019
Pretrial order no. 96: Evidentiary Rulings on Dr. Portier’s Testimony on Cross-Examination (.pdf, 128 KB) 283802/27/2019
Pretrial order no. 97: Evidentiary Rulings on Dr. Portier’s Re-Direct and Re-Cross Testimony (.pdf, 118 KB) 286102/28/2019
Pretrial order no. 98: Initial Rulings on Deposition Designations for Dr. Reeves (.pdf, 101 KB) 286703/01/2019
Pretrial order no. 99: Order re Dr. Weisenburger’s Testimony (.pdf, 56 KB) 287703/02/2019
Pretrial order no. 100: Ruling on Monsanto’s Deposition Designations for Dr. Reeves (.pdf, 98 KB) 289403/04/2019
Pretrial order no. 101: Order re Monsanto’s Motion for Summary Judgment on Non-Causation Grounds (.pdf, 146 KB) 293703/07/2019
Pretrial order no. 102: Court’s Draft Phase 1 Instructions (.pdf, 173 KB) 294003/07/2019
Pretrial order no. 103: Order re Monsanto’s Proposed Questions for Drs. Arber and Levine (.pdf, 107 KB) 294103/07/2019
Pretrial order no. 104: Scope of Dr. Arber’s Testimony (.pdf, 97 KB) 294203/08/2019
Pretrial order no. 105: Order re Authentication of Mr. Hardeman’s Medical Records (.pdf, 106 KB) 295803/11/2019
Pretrial order no. 106: Court’s Revised Phase 1 Instructions (.pdf, 178 KB) 295903/11/2019
Pretrial order no. 107: Order re Final Jury Instructions (.pdf, 97 KB) 296103/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 108: Final Phase 1 Instructions (.pdf, 177 KB) 296303/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 109: Final Verdict Form (.pdf, 80 KB) 296403/12/2019
Pretrial order no. 110: Order re Plaintiff’s Expert James Mills (.pdf, 104 KB) 297903/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 111: Order Requesting Further Information on Drs. Benbrook and Mills (.pdf, 86 KB) 298203/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 112: Order re Design Defect Jury Instruction (.pdf, 88 KB) 298303/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 113: Order Denying Monsanto’s Motion for a Directed Verdict (.pdf, 102 KB) 298403/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 114: Outstanding Evidentiary Issues from PTO 81 (.pdf, 90 KB) 298703/13/2019
Pretrial order no. 115: Order re Phase 2 Opening Statements (.pdf, 97 KB) 299903/14/2019
Pretrial order no. 116: Order re Design Defect Claim (.pdf, 92 KB) 305103/18/2019
Pretrial order no. 117: Ruling on Deposition Designations for Mark Martens (.pdf, 91 KB) 308203/18/2019
Pretrial order no. 118: Ruling on Phase 2 Deposition Designations for Dr. Reeves (.pdf, 103 KB) 309303/19/2019
Pretrial order no. 119: Ruling on Initial Phase 2 Deposition Designations for Dr. Farmer (.pdf, 100 KB) 309403/20/2019
Pretrial order no. 120: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Dr. Heydens (.pdf, 74 KB) 310803/20/2019
Pretrial order no. 121: Order re Rowland and Housenger Evidence (.pdf, 84 KB) 312103/21/2019
Pretrial order no. 122: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Dr. Portier (.pdf, 85 KB) 314003/22/2019
Pretrial order no. 123: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Doreen Manchester (.pdf, 87 KB) 314303/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 124: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Samuel Murphey (.pdf, 88 KB) 314403/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 125: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for David Saltmiras (.pdf, 92 KB) 314503/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 126: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Larry Kier (.pdf, 94 KB) 314603/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 127: Court’s Draft Phase 2 Instructions (.pdf, 189 KB) 314703/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 128: Ruling on Monsanto’s Additional Phase 2 Designations for Dr. Portier (.pdf, 83 KB) 314803/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 129: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for James Guard (.pdf, 92 KB) 314903/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 130: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Hugh Grant (.pdf, 91 KB) 315003/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 131: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Michael Koch (.pdf, 93 KB) 315103/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 132: Ruling on Phase 2 Designations for Kirk Azevedo (.pdf, 88 KB) 315203/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 133: Court’s Proposed Phase 2 Verdict Form (.pdf, 103 KB) 315603/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 134: Order Denying Monsanto’s Motion for a Directed Verdict Following Phase 2 (.pdf, 106 KB) 317003/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 135: Court’s Revised Phase 2 Instructions (.pdf, 184 KB) 318603/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 136: Redline of Draft Phase 2 Instructions (.pdf, 187 KB) 318703/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 137: Final Phase 2 Verdict Form (.pdf, 72 KB) 318803/25/2019
Pretrial order no. 138: Instruction on Noneconomic Damages (.pdf, 32 KB) 319103/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 139: Final Phase 2 Instructions (.pdf, 186 KB) 319403/26/2019
Pretrial order no. 140: Order re Proposed Judgment (.pdf, 47 KB) 327704/08/2019
Pretrial order no. 141: Order Vacating Trial and Setting Upcoming Hearing (.pdf, 58 KB) 332504/11/2019
Pretrial order no. 142: Scheduling for Pending Motions to Remand (.pdf, 44 KB) 343304/24/2019
Pretrial order no. 143: Order Unsealing Trial Transcripts (.pdf, 58 KB) 360205/03/2019
Pretrial order no. 144: Order Regarding Objections to Form of Judgment (.pdf, 76 KB) 360305/03/2019
Pretrial order no. 145: Judgment (.pdf, 52 KB) 360405/03/2019
Pretrial order no. 146: Order re Further Sanctions (.pdf, 79 KB) 383205/21/2019
Pretrial order no. 147: Tentative Remand Plan (.pdf, 101 KB) 383405/21/2019
Pretrial order no. 148: Order re hearing in Smith v. Monsanto (.pdf, 69 KB) 383505/21/2019
Pretrial order no. 149: Order re Motions to Dismiss and Upcoming Deadlines (.pdf, 76 KB)
Pretrial order no. 150: Scheduling Order for Remand Waves 1 and 2 (.pdf, 224 KB)
Pretrial order no. 151: Order re Multi-Plaintiff Cases (.pdf, 72 KB)
Pretrial order no. 152: Guidance for Hearing on Post-Trial Motions (.pdf, 83 KB)
Pretrial order no. 153: Further Guidance for Hearing on Post-Trial Motions (.pdf, 34 KB)
Pretrial order no. 154: Proposed Severance Order for Multi-Plaintiff Complaints (.pdf, 97 KB)
Pretrial order no. 155: Severance Order for Multi-Plaintiff Complaints (.pdf, 100 KB)
Pretrial order no. 156: Denying Motion to Remand in Smith v. Monsanto Co. (.pdf, 101 KB)
Pretrial order no. 157: Granting Motions to Remand to Alameda County Superior Court (.pdf, 164 KB)
Pretrial order no. 158: Daubert Choice of Law (.pdf, 140 KB)
Pretrial order no. 159: Denying Monsanto’s Post-Trial Motions (Non-Damages Grounds) (.pdf, 184 KB)
Pretrial order no. 160: Granting in Part and Denying in Part Monsanto’s Post-Trial Motions (Damages Grounds) (.pdf, 179 KB)
Pretrial order no. 161: Granting Motions to Dismiss (.pdf, 72 KB)
Pretrial order no. 162: Denying Motion to Remand in Acosta v. Monsanto Co. (.pdf, 71 KB)
Pretrial order no. 163: Order Granting Motion to Alter Judgment (.pdf, 76 KB)
Pretrial order no. 164: Amended Judgment (.pdf, 77 KB)
Pretrial order no. 165: Motions to Sever in Bourgeoris v. Monsanto (.pdf, 32 KB)
Pretrial order no. 166: Motions for Leave to Appear in Pro Hac Vice (.pdf, 75 KB)
Pretrial order no. 167: Joint Stipulations of Dismissal (.pdf, 71 KB)
Pretrial order no. 168: Pending Motions to Seal (.pdf, 34 KB)
Pretrial order no. 169: Denying Joint Request for Extension of Time (.pdf, 31 KB)
Pretrial order no. 170: Granting Joint Request to Remove Plaintiffs from Wave 1 Remand Group (.pdf, 83 KB)
Pretrial order no. 171: Granting Joint Request for Extension of Time (.pdf, 107 KB)
Pretrial order no. 172: Denying Pending Motions to Seal (.pdf, 32 KB)
Pretrial order no. 173: Correction to Pretrial Order No. 172 (.pdf, 85 KB)
Pretrial order no. 174: Order Denying Applications for Refund (.pdf, 34 KB)
Pretrial order no. 175: Granting Joint Stipulation and Directing the Filing of a Short-Form Complaint (.pdf, 88 KB)
Pretrial order no. 176: Denying Motion to Remand, Severing Plaintiffs, and Directing the Filing of a Short-Form Complaint (.pdf, 97 KB)
Order Granting Joint Request for Revised Schedule for Wave 3 Cases and Addition of Cases to Wave 31219712/09/2020
Pretrial order no. 232: Continuing the Hearing on the Motion for Preliminary Approval1253104/26/2021
Pretrial order no. 235:  Denying Motion for Preliminary Approval  1311505/26/2021
Pretrial order no. 236:  Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion to Establish Holdback Percentage 1319206/22/2021
Pretrial order no. 238:  Setting Case Management Conference 1332107/23/2021
Pretrial order no. 239: re: Holdback Order Restriction
Pretrial order no. 240: Order Requiring Participation in Special Master Program
Pretrial order no. 241: Order re: Plaintiff Fact Sheets
Pretrial order no. 242: Order re: Second Amended Judgment 
Order Granting Joint Request for Revised Schedule for Wave 4 Cases and Addition of Cases to Wave 41361708/26/2021
Pretrial order no. 243: Second Amended Judgment 
Pretrial order no. 245: Denying Motion for Leave to Amend to add Non-Diverse Parties
Pretrial order no. 244: Amended Order Denying Plaintiff’s Motion to Remand in Light of Fraudulent Joinder 
Pretrial order no. 246: Establishing Inactive Docket 1372209/16/2021
Pretrial order no. 247: Denying Motion to Remand in Light of Fraudulent Joinder 1377509/22/2021
Pretrial order no. 248: Denying Motion to Remand in Light of Fraudulent Joinder 1379709/23/2021
Pretrial order no. 249: Granting Joint Request for Schedule for Wave 5 Cases1381909/24/2021
Pretrial order no. 250: Granting Joint Request for Schedule for Wave 6 Cases 1382009/24/2021
Pretrial order no. 251: Granting Motion to Remove Plaintiff from Wave 3 1385709/27/2021
Pretrial order no. 252: Granting Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Submit Plaintiff Fact Sheet1385809/27/2021
Pretrial order no. 253: Denying Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Submit Plaintiff Fact Sheet1385909/27/2021
Pretrial order no. 254: Granting Motion to Remand 1404310/19/2021
Pretrial order no. 255: Granting Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Submit Fact Sheet1413311/02/2021
Pretrial order no. 256: Denying Motion to Reinstate Preferential Trial Setting 1414711/04/2021
Pretrial order no. 257: Denying Motion to Remand in Light of Fraudulent Joinder 1415611/05/2021
Pretrial order no. 258: Correcting Pretrial order no. 2551439512/21/2021
Pretrial order no. 259: Denying Motions for Summary Judgment based on Texas Presumption of No Liability1441512/28/2021
Pretrial order no. 260: Order re: Motions to Exclude Testimony of Dr. Sawyer (Wave 3)1441712/292021
Pretrial order no. 261: Order Granting Motions for Summary Judgment on Causation Grounds1441812/29/2021
Pretrial order no. 276: Regarding Appearances at the Hearing on Motion for Preliminary Approval1472104/05/2022
Pretrial order no. 279: Order setting status conference1514907/15/2022
Pretrial Order no. 280: Order Directing Case Counsel to Provide Case Counsel Contact Information Form1562710/17/2022
Pretrial Order no. 284:  Order Appointing Special Master Regarding Common Benefit Fund Disbursements166965/19/2023
Pretrial Order no. 285:  Order on Motions to Exclude Certain Wave 5 Experts and for Summary Judgment171988/21/2023
Order Granting Joint Request for Revised Schedule for Wave 6-7 Cases and Adding Wave 8 Schedule172348/30/2023
Pretrial Order No. 286:  Amended Order Regarding Appointment of Special Master for Common Benefit Fund Disbursements1736510/6/2023
Pretrial Order No. 287: Requiring Payment of 8% Holdback into the Roundup Common Benefit Trust Account1736610/6/2023
Special Master’s Order Setting Process to Apply for Disbursements from the Common Benefit Fund1736710/6/2023
Pretrial Order No. 288: Order Granting Motions to Exclude Experts Charles and Schneider17504 11/15/2023
Pretrial Order No. 289:  Motions to Exclude Experts Tomasetti, Navarro, and Slack178411/30/2024
Pretrial Order No. 290: Order Denying Motions to Exclude Experts Herrick and Boyd18320 5/2/2024 
Pretrial Order No. 291:  Order Denying Motions to Exclude Experts Braunstein, Clark, and Sawyer193305/6/2024