San Francisco Courthouse Resources

Press Room

The press room on the 18th Floor has work space to accommodate visiting reporters in addition to journalists who regularly cover the Northern District and use the press room as their primary work space. View more information about the Press Room

Federal Bar Association Media Center

The Federal Bar Association Media Center offers closed-circuit viewing of certain high-demand court proceedings and facilities for holding press conferences. To arrange for use of the Media Center for a press conference, contact the court’s Media Liaison (415-522-4051). Technical information regarding broadcast transmissions from the Media Center is included on this page. The broadcast feed to the Media Center of court proceedings from any courtroom is subject to the court’s policies on photography, audio and video recording and broadcasting.

Peer Media Contacts

Contact the Media Liaison for current peer contacts. 

Parking for Broadcast Satellite Vehicles

Parking for broadcast satellite vehicles on the streets adjacent to the federal building is extremely limited. For further information regarding allocation of these spaces, contact the Federal Protective Service at 415-522-3440. Other parking arrangements may be made on an individual basis with public parking lots in the area.

Fiber Optic Cable

A fiber optic cable is available to allow the media to connect audio, video and/or data from inside the Media Center to media trucks parked nearby. The court provides the fiber connection only. All other equipment and electronic devices (data, audio, video, transmission, reception, distribution, etc.) using the fiber must be provided by news organizations.

The inputs are located inside the Media Center. The fiber patch panel is surface-mount 12-port housing, located toward the rear (west) of the Media Center, on the north wall. The cables are six strands (three pairs) to each location (six strands to Larkin St., and six strands to the 16th Floor). All connections are “SC” type and labeled: “To Larkin St. (1-6)” and “To 16th Floor (7-12).” All fiber optic cables are single mode.

The primary output is outside the federal building on the 400 block of Larkin Street in a padlocked box above the black, exit-only door, 30 feet to the right of the entrance driveway. The secondary output is located in the Clerk’s Office on the 16th floor of the courthouse and is for use only if the Larkin Street connections are unavailable: All connections are type “SC” type and labeled “1-6.” For the access key and/or further information or assistance, contact the court’s Media Liaison (415-522-4051). The court provides access to the fiber optic cable as a service to the public and expressly disclaims any and all liability for problems arising from use of the fiber optic cable installation, including, but not limited to: equipment installed by others, operational issues in relation to this installation (such as if broadcasts are interrupted or faulty) and the safety of others (such as hazards due to cable installations by non-court personnel).


Civic Center Plaza Garage
355 McAllister Street
Hours: 7am – 7pm
Federal Auto Parks
530 Turk Street
Hours: 6am – 6pm
Federal Auto Parks
659 Franklin Street @ Golden Gate Avenue
Hours: 6:30am – 12 midnight
UC Hastings Parking Garage
Corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin Street
Hours: 6 am – midnight

Food & Drink

The following are available to the public:

  • A cafeteria on the second floor of the Federal Building, Café 450, serves breakfast and lunch;
  • A snack and sandwich shop on the 10th floor, the Midway Café, is open until 4:00 pm;