Perry v. Brown: Notice about 9th Circuit's Ruling On Video Recordings

To Members of the Media and the Public:

The Ninth Circuit has posted a notice ( . . .) on its website announcing the publication of an opinion regarding the public release of videotapes in the Perry case on February 2 at 10 am. This District Court is the custodian of the recordings. Should the Ninth Circuit authorize release of the recordings, this Court will make prompt arrangements to comply with the order. This Court will not, however, have the recording available immediately or within the current calendar week.

Interested parties should not contact this Court with requests for the recordings or for information about plans for their release. Instead, the Court asks interested parties either:

(1) To check the notice on this topic on the court's homepage, regularly for updates, or

(2) To sign up for the Perry case listserve as follows:

To subscribe:

(a) Create a new email addressed to: LISTSERV@NYED.USCOURTS.GOV

(b) Leave the subject line blank. Words in the subject line may cause an error message to be returned.

(c) Place the following in the BODY of your email:


If you have already subscribed to the listserve or otherwise received this notice via email, you do not need to take any further action. You will be notified of future developments in the same manner.

Lynn Fuller
Media & Public Outreach Liaison
United States District Court
Northern District of California