The Northern District of California is proud to announce that our Clerk of Court, Susan Soong, has been selected as the new Circuit Executive for the Ninth Circuit. Ms. Soong will report directly to the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit, and will lead the Office of the Circuit Executive, which supports the Ninth Circuit Judicial Council and provides a wide variety of services to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and to all fifteen federal judicial districts within the Ninth Circuit.

As noted by Chief Judge Richard Seeborg, “Sue Soong has been a tremendous Clerk for this Court and will no doubt continue to provide valuable leadership in her new role with our Circuit.”

Kathleen M. Shambaugh, Chief Deputy of Operations, will serve as Acting Clerk of Court until the position is filled.  Persons interested in applying for the Clerk of Court position:  please refer to the court’s Career Opportunities page for application information.

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