Effective immediately, hearings held by teleconference will be conducted on a conference call line that will be available to members of the press and public free of charge, to the extent practicable.  Dial-in information will be available on each case’s docket on PACER.  See Obtaining Information About Cases.  Members of the press and the public are expected to “mute” their end of the line and to not disrupt proceedings in any way.

Criminal proceedings before magistrate judges will be held in person only, at the San Francisco Courthouse.  See General Order 72.  Such hearings will not be accessible remotely (via video, teleconference, or otherwise).  Members of the press and public may attend such hearings in person, and such attendance will be considered “official court business” within the meaning of General Order 73However, courtroom spectators are reminded that a shelter-in-place has been ordered throughout the State of California, and that there are health and safety risks associated with attending an in-person court hearing.

All rules and prohibitions on the recording of proceedings remain in effect.  See Court Rules Affecting the Media and General Order 58 at Paragraph III.

Any questions may be directed to