The Northern District of California is proud to announce that United States District Judge Lucy H. Koh was confirmed by the United States Senate on December 13, 2021 and will be elevated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Judge Koh’s confirmation follows more than eleven years of distinguished service as a United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, in the San Jose Division. Prior to joining the federal judiciary, Judge Koh served for more than two years as a California Superior Court Judge for the County of Santa Clara, following a fifteen-year legal career as a Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellow on the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, a Special Assistant to the United States Deputy Attorney General, a federal prosecutor, and a civil litigator.

Judge Koh will join the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals shortly, but will sit by designation in the Northern District and retain her current case assignments at the district court until further notice.

The court congratulates Judge Koh on her confirmation, and thanks her for more than a decade of exceptional service to the Northern District!

See news release from the Office of the Circuit Executive

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