Oakland Bulk & Oversized Terminal, LLC v. City of Oakland


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Selected case documents of special interest

Docket Number Filing Date
Complaint (.pdf, 341 KB) 6 12/07/2016
Development Agreement (City's RJN, Ex. A) (.pdf, 5 MB) 20-1 01/30/2017
Ordinance (City's RJN, Ex. B) (.pdf, 1 MB) 20-2 01/30/2017
Resolution (City's RJN, Ex. C) (.pdf, 684 KB) 20-3 01/30/2017
Order Granting Motion to Intervene and Denying Motions to Dismiss (.pdf, 114 KB) 71 06/06/2017
Amended Complaint (.pdf, 866 KB) 74 06/14/2017
OBOT's Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 400 KB) 135 11/20/2017
City's Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 502 KB) 145 12/05/2017
Intervenors' Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 154 KB) 156 12/05/2017
Environmental Groups' Amicus Brief (.pdf, 882 KB) 168-1 12/07/2017
State of California's Amicus Brief (.pdf, 1 MB) 170-1 12/08/2017
Order re Amicus Briefs (.pdf, 29 KB) 173 12/13/2017
OBOT's Opposition to City's Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 436 KB) 182 12/18/2017
City's Opposition to OBOT's Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 231 KB) 191 12/29/2017
Intervenors' Opposition to OBOT's Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 92 KB) 194 12/29/2017
Order Denying City's Motion in Limine No. 2 (.pdf, 37 KB) 212 01/09/2018
Order Granting City's Motion in Limine No. 1 (.pdf, 35 KB) 211 01/09/2018
Order Denying Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment on the Breach of Contract Claim (.pdf, 35 KB) 219 01/12/2018
City's Statement of Position re Intervenors' Motion for Judgment (.pdf, 304 KB) 235 02/09/2018
Intervenors' Motion for Judgment (.pdf, 143 KB) 234 02/09/2018
OBOT's Post-Trial Brief (.pdf, 198 KB) 239 02/09/2018
City & Intervenors' Post-Trial Brief (.pdf, 506 KB) 242 02/23/2018
OBOT's Opposition to Intervenors' Motion for Judgment (.pdf, 182 KB) 243 02/23/2018
Intervenors' Reply in Support of Motion for Judgment (.pdf, 107 KB) 244 03/02/2018
Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law (.pdf, 270 KB) 249 05/15/2018
Order Granting Stipulation re City Council Record (.pdf, 2 MB) 251 05/15/2018
Order re Discovery Disputes (.pdf, 35 KB) 250 05/15/2018
Order re Evidentiary Objections (.pdf, 53 KB) 252 05/15/2018
Order Denying Administrative Motion to File Under Seal (.pdf, 103 KB) 254 05/23/2018

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