Applying for Judicial Externships

The court welcomes students from law schools around the San Francisco Bay area and the country who choose to complement their law school coursework with judicial externships.

Fall & Winter/Spring Externships

Law school credit is earned for successful completion of fall and winter/spring externships. Hiring takes place in March and April for fall externships and in September and October for winter externships. There are no deadlines for applying or for hiring; extern hiring continues until all positions are filled. The requirements of individual law schools as well as judges' chambers and court departments vary, so careful planning is advised.

Summer Externships

Law school credit is generally not awarded for summer externships. While the court does not compensate summer externs, funding is available through some law schools (especially for Pro Se Department externships). 

Pro Se Department Information

Pro Se Department externs assist the Pro Se Department staff attorneys in managing prisoner habeas corpus and civil rights cases for the court. Externs participate in court extern activities (court days, social events) and work closely with the court's career staff attorneys. Pro Se Department externs research and draft proposed procedural and dispositive orders in prisoners' cases challenging their convictions and conditions of confinement. Students with a special interest in criminal law and/or prison law are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

  • Individual judges' chambers may have varying preferences regarding applications, applicant qualifications and other details. Specifics are noted on the online application page. Prior to applying, applicants should open the online application to learn these specifics regarding the externships for which they plan to apply.
  • All resumes and other required or supporting documents should be submitted only by uploading to the online application system. Emails and paper submissions are no longer allowed, unless requested by chambers.   

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  3. If you encounter any issues while submitting your application, please email

Online Application for Judicial Extern Position