Attorney Practice Information & Resources

Information for Attorneys Participating in Hearings held by Videoconference
or Attending In-Court Criminal Proceedings that Incorporate Videoconferencing

Please review the court’s information for attorneys attending “hybrid” in-court criminal proceedings that incorporate Zoom.

Please also review the court’s general Zoom guidance for hearings that will be held by videoconference or will incorporate videoconferencing.

Attorney Responsibilities

Attorney practice in this Court is governed by Rule 11 of the Civil Local Rules. Rule 11-1(c) requires a bar applicant to certify knowledge of:

  1. the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure and Evidence, the Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the Local Rules of this Court;
  2. the Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs of this Court; and
  3. the Standards of Professional Conduct of this Court set forth in Civil L.R. 11-4.

Practice Resources