Capital and Non-Capital Representation

Funding Requests

The total cost of services obtained without prior authorization may not exceed $900 and expenses reasonably incurred (see also CJA Guidelines § 310.20.30). Once the $900 limitation has been met by any one or combination of service providers, prior authorization must be obtained from the court, unless counsel meets the exigency requirements of § 3006A(e)(2)(B).

It is mandatory for all Funding Requests to be submitted by completing an interactive Application for CJA Funds (.docx) and emailing it to the CJA Unit.

  1. Fill out the form completely, including a detailed statement of the reason the funds are requested.
  2. Do not forget to SIGN your name and date on the last page of the form.  The requirement of a “wet” signature is suspended per General Order 78. Please use an electronic signature.  
  3. If the funds are requested nunc pro tunc, please remember to fill out that portion of the form.
  4. Save the form as a PDF. Please use the following naming convention for the request: FR_case number-judge’s initials.defendant.pdf, e.g. FR_12-234-AB_Weiss.pdf.
  5. Include the file name in the email subject line.
  6. Email to:

Once the request has been reviewed and either approved, modified or denied, counsel will be served via email with the Authorization Order.

If funds are approved, the CJA Unit will create an Authorization on eVoucher for that particular expert service provider under the case. You can now use these funds to compensate your expert service providers.