Local Rules Attorney Advisory Committees

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2077(b) and Civil Local Rule 83-2, the Court maintains standing attorney committees to provide advice about the content of the local rules. Committee members are selected based primarily on their expertise in the field of federal law to which the committee relates.  

Jennifer Sanchez (Chair)
Eric Danoff
Rupert Hansen
John Hillsman
Vickey Quinn

Howard Herman (Chair)
Richard Collier
Kathryn Dickson
Roderick Thompson
Juan Walker
Sara Winslow

Civil Rules & Practice
Simona Agnolucci
Colin Kemp
Danielle Ochs
Erik Olson
Steven Saltiel
Habeas Corpus
Luis L Hernandez (Chair)
Stephanie Adraktas
Brian C. McComas
Robin Packel
Peggy S. Ruffra

Michael Berta
Annette Hurst
Doug Lumish
Sonal Mehta
Charlene Morrow
Ashok Ramani