Travel Instructions

CJA Ex Parte Travel Request and Order Information

NOTE:  The United States Marshals Service—not CJA—is responsible for costs associated with the transportation of fact witnesses and defendants. Please see The Public Defender's Handbook for more information.


Important! Approval must be obtained prior to travel.

  • Download and fill in the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf).
  • Contact National Travel (NT) at 1-800-445-0668, 24/7, to reserve your airline ticket at the government rate. National Travel will give you the cost that you should fill in on the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) under Airline Fare. If National Travel is not used to obtain your airline ticket, reimbursement is limited to the authorized government rate.
  • You can also obtain car rental reservations through National Travel. They will give you the cost to fill in on the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) under Rental Car/Daily Rate.
  • To obtain the per diem rate for a certain destination for daily lodging and meals, please visit the U.S. General Services Administration website ( ...). Click on the map for your travel destination. (If neither the city nor the county is listed on the per diem listing, it is considered a standard CONUS destination and the daily per diem rate will be $99.00.) The per diem rate should be filled in on the Travel Request and Order form under Per Diem Rate for Destination along with the number of days.
  • Complete the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) with all other information and fax it to the CJA Unit for processing to obtain approval. Our fax number is 415-522-4086.