In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)



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Upcoming Proceedings & Deadlines:
Date Proceeding or Deadline Courtroom (if applicable)
December 11, 2017          Expert witness testimony begins Courtroom 4, 17th Floor
December 15, 2017 Summary judgment and Daubert argument Courtroom 4, 17th Floor

Selected case documents of special interest

Docket Number Filing Date
Transfer order from Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (.pdf, 117 KB) 1 10/04/2016
Pretrial order no. 1: Consolidation order (.pdf, 125 KB) 2 10/06/2016
Order re bifurcation (.pdf, 104 KB) 25 11/14/2016
Pretrial order no. 2: Custodian and deponent groups (.pdf, 101 KB) 39 11/22/2016
Pretrial order no. 3: Partial schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 55 KB) 47 11/23/2016
Pretrial order no. 4: Plaintiffs' leadership structure (.pdf, 167 KB) 62 12/07/2016
Pretrial order no. 5: Setting further schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 54 KB) 78 12/23/2016
Pretrial order no. 6: Production of documents used in deposition preparation (.pdf, 30 KB) 101 01/09/2017
Pretrial order no. 7: Deposition protocol (.pdf, 88 KB) 103 01/10/2017
Pretrial order no. 8: Requesting briefing re relevance of EPA and IARC (.pdf, 30 KB) 120 01/25/0207
Pretrial order no. 9: Setting hearing for Science Day and motion to compel Rowland deposition (.pdf, 32 KB) 126 02/02/2017
Pretrial order no. 10: Denying request to continue depositions (.pdf, 29 KB) 157 02/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 11: Extending deposition deadline (.pdf, 29 KB) 159 02/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 12: Common benefit fund order (.pdf, 341 KB) 161 02/22/2017
Pretrial order no. 13: Hearing on motion to compel (.pdf, 26 KB) 162 02/22/2017
Pretrial order no. 14: Plaintiffs' request for additional discovery (.pdf, 26 KB) 165 02/24/2017
Pretrial order no. 15: Third-party discovery and pending motions to seal (.pdf, 119 KB) 186 03/13/2017
Pretrial order no. 16: Additional discovery re IARC (.pdf, 28 KB) 242 04/18/2017
Pretrial order no. 17: Redaction of identifying information (.pdf, 98 KB) 243 04/18/2017
Pretrial order no. 18: Deadline for additional deposition (.pdf, 26 KB) 251 04/21/2017
Pretrial order no. 19: Rowland deposition topics (.pdf, 29 KB) 260 04/24/2017
Pretrial order no. 20: Denying motion to de-designate Heydens deposition (.pdf, 103 KB) 266 05/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 21: Service of motion to compel testimony (.pdf, 29 KB) 267 05/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 22: Jameson and Ross depositions (.pdf, 30 KB) 268 05/01/2017
Pretrial order no. 23: Motions to compel production and additional testimony (.pdf, 32 KB) 297 05/15/2017
Pretrial order no. 24: Modified schedule for general causation phase (.pdf, 48 KB) 322 05/26/2017
Pretrial order no. 25: Denying motion for leave to file under seal (.pdf, 29 KB) 330 06/06/2017
Pretrial order no. 26: Pre-transfer motions (.pdf, 30 KB) 379 07/06/2017