United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Civil Forms

Form Number
Abstract Of Judgment (.pdf, 188 KB)      [Word] Rev. 1/1/03 EJ 001
Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees or Costs (In Forma Pauperis)—Prisoner Case (.pdf, 19 KB) In forma pauperis application for prisoner cases; also included in Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus forms for prisoner cases.  Rev. 1/1/2014
Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis—Non-Prisoner Cases (.pdf, 112 KB)  [Word] In forma pauperis application for civil cases (non-prisoner cases).  Rev. 3/9/2011
Bill of Costs (.pdf, 284 KB)  [Word] [WP Rev. 12/09 AO 133
Civil Cover Sheet (.pdf, 409 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 1/16/13 JS 44
Clerk's Certification Of A Judgment To Be Registered In Another District (.pdf, 264 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 1/09 AO 451
Complaint under Civil Rights Act & IFP Application—Prisoner Case (.pdf, 32 KB) Rev. 5/1/2013
Employment Discrimination Complaint (.pdf, 48 KB)  [Word] Rev. 6/13
Exemplification Certificate (.pdf, 142 KB)  [Word] [WP Rev. 12/03 AO 132
Joint Case Management Statement and Proposed Order (.docx, 34 KB)      Rev. 11/5/2014
Magistrate Judge Consent/Declination Form (.pdf, 584 KB) Form to consent to or decline the jurisdiction of a magistrate judge. [Word] Rev. 1/1/2014
Model Stipulation and Proposed Consolidation Order for Securities Fraud Class Actions (Civil L.R. 23-1) (.pdf, 37 KB)
Motion Under 28 USC § 2255 to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence by a Person in Federal Custody (.pdf, 17 KB) Rev. 1/1/2006
Notice Of A Lawsuit And Request To Waive Service Of A Summons (.pdf, 267 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 1/09 AO 398
Notice of Availability of Magistrate Judge (.pdf, 12 KB)
Notice of MJ Assignment & Election Form (.pdf, 591 KB) Notice of Assignment to a Magistrate Judge, combined with a one-page election form to consent to or decline the jurisdiction of a magistrate judge. [Word] Rev. 1/1/2014
Pay.gov Application for Refund (.pdf, 153 KB)       [Word] Rev. 7/19/2012
Petition Under 28 USC § 2254 for a Writ of Habeas Corpus by a Person in State Custody (.pdf, 58 KB) Packet includes prisoner in forma pauperis application.  Rev. 2/1/2014
Securities Fraud Class Action - Model Stipulation and Proposed Consolidation Order (.pdf, 44 KB)  [Word] Rev. 5/11
Social Security Complaint For Judical Review Of Decision By Commissioner (.pdf, 15 KB)  [Word] Rev. 5/11
Subpoena To Appear and Testify At A Hearing Or Trial In A Civil Action (.pdf, 756 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 2/1/2014 AO 88
Subpoena To Produce Documents, Information, Or Objects Or To Permit Inspection of Premises (.pdf, 759 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 2/1/2014 AO 88B
Subpoena To Testify At A Deposition In A Civil Action (.pdf, 1,012 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 2/1/2014 AO 88A
Summons in a Civil Action (.pdf, 25 KB)  [Word] Rev. 12/09 AO 440
Summons on Third-Party Complaint (.pdf, 283 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 7/1/2010 AO 441
Supplemental Case Management Statement (.pdf, 35 KB) Rev. 3/00
Transcript Designation Form (.pdf, 88 KB) Transcript designation form for appeals to the 9th Circuit Rev. 07/16/2013 CAND TDF
Transcript Order Form (.pdf, 180 KB) Transcript Order Rev. 02/01/2015 CAND 435
Waiver of the Service of Summons (.pdf, 268 KB)  [Word] [WP] Rev. 1/09 AO 399
Writ of Execution (.pdf, 167 KB) Rev. 1/06 EJ 130

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